Deliverance by phone



Other than in person Deliverance, this is preferred over email. In speaking with Fr. Billy confidentially, you may share about the attacks you are under, places of wounding and as well, what you would like to do for God! This work is not only about getting rid of the darkness but brightening the light. Looking to how you can serve God and be even more pleasing to Him will be a focal point in this work. It is the filling up and building up that helps us all to hear God more clearly and strengthens us in our gifts and talents.

Fr. Billy will do the Deliverance prayer with you and also any other prayers that may be needed: breaking of curses (hex, spells, incantations, negative prayers and evil intents sent against you) and the prayer for breaking of generational bondage.

It is highly suggested that after doing the Deliverance prayer to follow up by reading The Divine Decrees and being consistent in saying them as suggested. This will help not only with healing but with a continued brightness for your spirit.